April 19, 2014
My new side project: A newsletter for Product Managers

I just hacked a newsletter for Product Managers and basically everyone that loves to build web & mobile products.

ProductDigest.co is a weekly newsletter that goes out every Friday with some content and links for inspiration.

April 13, 2014
Video of the week: Wayne Dyer on Life

1:20 of your time will be well worth. If not, it basically summarises as the following:

"All of man’s troubles come from his inability to sit quietly in a room by himself" - Blaise Pascal

April 10, 2014
Understanding uncertainity

If I had to choose a few fundamental rules to understand things**, and consequently the future, I’d bet on these:

1) Complexity can be broke down int first principles: I heard this from Elon Musk, which helped me clear my thoughts about problems & complexity


2) Human’s natural inability to relate and understand future events

The fact that we consume limited resources without understanding it impact in the future until the last minute is appalling. This basic math principle is applicable in so many different ways.


3) Rubber-band effect

It works because things tend to equilibrium. This  applies to stock markets & bank - ie, those 1% that dictate your life from some wall street’s 89th floor ;) - but also to many other things. The ancient chinese knew it all along :)


** “Things” is my favourite word next to “stuff” since it describes everything.. Ambitious and sometimes dumb to over-generalize but heck ;-) …

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